I'm all about that beta... 

Hardware is hard. You know it, we know it.  We've dedicated ourselves to coming up with what we feel is an amazingly high-quality spatial audio solution. But now we need your help to make the 8ball microphone even better. Sign Up for the Beta list today.


What you get:

• Limited edition 8ball OmniMicrophone
• Custom cabeling
• Optional 8 Channel Zoom Field Recorder
• iHS Spatial plugin for Unity
• Slack channel membership



How do I sign up?
Enter your email in the form below and you'll immediately be sent a confirmation email. 

What happens next?
Once you confirm your email. We will reach out and tell you a more about the beta program. Applicants who are accepted will be sent a link to the registration page.

Is there a fee?
Yes. The fee helps defer some of our production cost and labor. It varies depending on the equipment that you need.  Please contact us for more information.

Why is there a fee?
Fees for the beta program go towards the cost of assembling, testing, and shipping your microphone.

Why should I pay a fee?
Any fees that you pay for the beta program will count towards the purchase of the final production run  of the 8ball microphone.