I'm all about that beta... 

Hardware is hard. You know it - we know it.  We've dedicated ourselves to coming up with what we believe is an amazingly high-quality spatial audio solution.  We need your help to make the 8ball microphone even better. Sign Up for the Beta list today.


What you get:

• Limited edition 8ball OmniMicrophone
• Custom cabling
• Optional 8 Channel Zoom Field Recorder
• iHS Spatial plugin for Unity
• Slack channel membership



How do I sign up?
Enter your email below and you'll immediately be sent a confirmation email. 

What happens next?
Once you confirm your email, we will reach out and tell you a more about the beta program. Applicants who are accepted will be sent a link to the registration page.

Is there a fee?
Yes. The fee helps defer some of our production cost and labor, and varies depending on the equipment that you need.  Please contact us for more information.  Any fees that you pay for the beta program will count towards the purchase of the final production run of the 8ball microphone.