Top 3 audio technologies from the NAB floor


Boasting over 102K attendees from 160+ countries, NAB is one of the biggest exhibition shows yet. With all the activity, it’s easy to get distracted by the next best thing in tech. Even as spatial audio experts at HEAR360, we’re no strangers to finding ourselves lost while wandering through the excitement of the exhibit floor. That’s why we’ve rounded-up our top 3 findings in audio technologies at NAB, so you can focus as you explore the conference as it comes to a close.

1. Samsung 360 Live Experience

Samsung 360 Round camera with 8ball attached. Courtesy of HEAR360.

Samsung 360 Round camera with 8ball attached. Courtesy of HEAR360.

Using the 360 Round camera and the 8ball microphone for immersive, head-trackable, live spatial audio, Samsung will be streaming live 360-video content.

Alongside directors, producers and technical personnel, conference-goers can watch as the 360-video content creation process unfolds in real-time. Paying homage to traditional television production, a control room will be available for attendees to note how traditional live broadcast differs from live, 360, fully-immersive VR experience. The stream will offer coverage of the NAB speaking sessions, as well as updates and interviews from the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center

For conference attendees, the livestream can be viewed in Samsung’s Gear VR and HMD Odyssey virtual reality headsets at Booth N3406. Or, if you didn’t make it out to NAB this year, you can watch the live stream here.

Read more about the Samsung 360 Live Experience here.

2. Sennheiser AMBEO

Sennheiser AMBEO VR Microphone. Image courtesy of Engadget

Sennheiser AMBEO VR Microphone. Image courtesy of Engadget

Focused on binaural recordings and productions, the AMBEO products are another great example of forward-thinking spatial audio workflows at NAB this year. In fact, at Sennheiser’s booth, visitors can experiment with the AMBEO Smart Headset and AMBEO VR Mic, as well as the Neumann KU 100 dummy head.

Read more about the AMBEO products here.

3. Ambidio


According to their bio, “Ambidio is an innovative sound company that creates a continuous sound field with a sense of depth and dimension through any device with stereo speakers, bringing an immersive sound experience to everyone.”

Read more about Ambidio here.

No matter your background in audio, each technology offers its own pros and cons, as well as diverse applications. This, of course, is not an exhaustive list of everything we’ve seen at NAB this year, but rather specific technologies that left a lasting impression on us. Whether you’re into livestreaming VR with head-trackable audio, Sennheiser’s AMBEO products, or Ambidio sound, there’s something for every audiophile at NAB.

Are you at the NAB show? Any technologies you think we missed? Let us know below, and reach out on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram if you made it out to #NAB18 this year. We’d love to chat about spatial audio with you.

Matthew Pritchard