Companion Software

8ball comes with a full end to end workflow that allows you to deliver to:


H360 COMPASS copy.png


Be certain your audio aligns with your picture every time with our calibration tool.  


H360_Earth copy.png


Spatialize any audio not recorded by 8ball on a horizontal plane. H360 Earth connects with our local 360 video player for real time head-tracking while you work on your project.


H360SKY copy.png


Pair H360 Sky with H360 Earth for a full 360 degree spatial audio experience.      


Available in


H360 ENCODE copy.png


8ball works natively with Samsung Gear VR. When publishing to Facebook and Youtube you'll need to convert to ACN format. Use our easy convertor to optimize playback.

H360 Unity copy.png


This plugin provides head-trackable spatial audio with our 8 channel format for anything supporting Unity.  

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Delivering 360 video to your own website? Our Web Player SDK makes it easy to embed a 360 Video with spatial audio for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.