Spatialized Navigation for Bose’s New Immersive Audio AR Sunglasses

Courtesy of Bose & CNet

Courtesy of Bose & CNet


Frames, Bose’s new immersive audio AR sunglasses, offer valuable resources for spatial audio experimentation. Why? Check this out.

“Bose AR delivers audio feedback based on your GPS location and which way you're facing, using a nine-axis head motion sensor and the GPS from your iOS or Android device.”

In the H360 labs, we’re exploring spatial audio concepts for devices like these. Off the top of our heads, how about a smart spatial audio navigation system? Sounds cool, right? But how would it work?

Because Bose’s AR sensors know where you’re looking and know where you’re turning, our software can spatialize navigation cues based off the direction you’re moving in, and the direction you need to turn in.

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Matthew Pritchard